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Become the Next Leader of Innovation in Music and Blockchain

Nominate Yourself for CEO of the Music Blockchain Research Foundation

At the Music Blockchain Research Foundation, the driving force behind TunedCoin, we believe in the power of leadership to steer innovation, growth, and positive change in the music industry through blockchain technology. As we stand at the forefront of this exciting intersection, we are opening the doors for visionary leaders to step forward. This is your chance to become the CEO of the Music Blockchain Research Foundation, guiding TunedCoin to new heights and reshaping the future of music.

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek dynamic, innovative, and passionate individuals with a strong belief in the transformative potential of blockchain for the music industry. Ideal candidates should possess:

  • A deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.

  • Significant experience in or knowledge of the music industry's challenges and opportunities.

  • Exceptional leadership skills, with a track record of inspiring teams and driving projects to success.

  • A visionary approach, capable of strategic planning and execution to achieve long-term goals.

  • Commitment to transparency, community engagement, and decentralized governance.

How to Nominate Yourself

Nominating yourself for the role of CEO is a straightforward process:

  1. Prepare Your Vision: Outline your vision for the Music Blockchain Research Foundation and TunedCoin. How will you lead the organization towards achieving its mission?

  2. Highlight Your Experience: Share your background in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the music industry. Include any relevant achievements, projects, or leadership roles.

  3. Express Your Commitment: Explain why you're passionate about this role and how you plan to contribute to the community and project's success.

  4. Please note, you must own TunedCoin to nominate yourself. Find out how to get TunedCoin here

Timeline and Process

  • Nomination Period: Open from March 15, 2024 - December 31, 2024 (or sooner if vote is called early)

  • Review Process: Nominations will be reviewed by the Music Blockchain Research Foundation board for identify verification and application completeness. 

  • Voting: The final selection of the CEO will be democratically voted on by TunedCoin holders, with each vote weighted by the amount of $TUC held.

Why Lead the Music Blockchain Research Foundation?

As CEO, you will have the unique opportunity to influence the future of music and technology. You'll lead a project with the potential to:

  • Revolutionize royalty distribution, making it fairer for artists.

  • Enhance direct artist-to-fan connections.

  • Integrate blockchain solutions across the music industry for greater efficiency and transparency.

Your leadership can make a lasting impact on how music is produced, shared, and enjoyed worldwide.

Ready to take the lead? Nominate yourself to be the next CEO of the Music Blockchain Research Foundation and be at the helm of innovation at the intersection of music and blockchain. Let's tune into the future of music together.

Nominate Now | Learn More About TunedCoin

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