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Listening to Music

TunedCoin - The Cryptocurrency 
Of the Music Industry 𝄞: ♬♩♫

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    About TunedCoin

The music industry has a huge problem. Few, selected, unelected people decide what the rest of us will listen to in the future. Tunedly wants to give you, the music listeners, the power to decide. As a reward, you can earn TunedCoins and unique music NFTs which will allow you to earn royalties alongside your favorite artists and invitations to exclusive events.


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How TunedCoins and Tuned NFTs work:


Listen to music on the Tunedly Music Discovery App.


Give your favorite songs a star. 


When we sign a song you gave a star to, you earn a TunedCoin* and that song’s NFT.


We distribute royalties to NFT holders of that song.

*Limited to the first 1,000 upvotes per song

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